Legacy of Battle

Adventure 2: Spooky Behavior

About a week after their meeting with Captain Feril, the adventurers are called upon to aid Guardsman Henricks with a matter of setting an estate to rights after being left to the city in the wake of the plague. The appraiser hired by the city refuses to complete the job claiming that the Dunwiddy estate is haunted.

After vising with Oet Rillin at his shop on the edge of the Merchant District in Lyrus, they turn to investigate the Dunwiddy estate themselves. While searching the rooms throughout the wealth-clad building, they hear conversations of people they cannot find, footsteps down empty hallways, books flying off shelves in the library, and apparitions demanding they leave their house. Throughout the search, they find evidence that someone had been through some of the rooms as well and made an effort to cover it up. Several small wooden cubes are found in a few rooms with archaic runs carved into their surfaces.

While searching the rest of the house in the western wing, a great crash is heard from further back in the house. Rushing to the Dunwiddy’s antiquities room of Ixian artifacts, they find the large window there had been completely broken outward and snagged on a piece of glass was a small scroll case with the message “Use the help. It will go faster that way. Follow your nature when you have recovered my property, Spider,” and signed with a flourishing “A”.

Backtracking to Mr. Dunwiddy’s office nearby, they find his secreted door behind a tall mirror had been moved and set aside. The door at the bottom of the short stairwell still locked. Guardsman Henricks calls in a locksmith and once inside, they find an empty crate in the back of the vault and two bodies lying in pools of blood. The chests of coin remained behind, untouched. One of the bodies clung to life and she was taken out to be tended to.

With more questions pending than answers, they return to Captain Feril and tell him all that transpired. He collected the evidence and promised to follow up once the wounded woman recovered and to see if this known merc Spider, could be located.



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