Legacy of Battle

Adventure 3: A Stirgent Dirge

Only a couple days following their wrap up of the Dunwiddy estate, Captain Feril once again summoned the party. He had received reports of stirge sightings and attacks on livestock at some of the western farms between Lyrus and the Western Lighthouse. Stirges are very rarely seen every few years and then only one or two, likely wandering far from their swampy homes in the western reaches of the Wildlands. The most recent sighting at Keldin farmstead a few days journey west and one of the northern most farms bordering the Derre.

After an uneventful few days west, they arrive at the Keldin farm mid-day to find it the site of a recent and horrible attack. Nort Keldin and his wife lay inside dead, next to a couple stirge bodies. Windows are broken in and looked to have occurred the night before during dinner. Found in the cellar trapped by the weight of her parents’ bodies, Tara Keldin is found and she relates the events of the night previous and where the stirges had attacked their livestock over the last week or so.

Following Tara’s directions north, they reach the starting cliff face of bordering the Derre and a small switchback in the rock face leading to a small inlet and cave entrance. A large log had become jammed in the entrance to the inlet. Inside, they find a small network of tunnels and caverns. The first brought them to a small swarm of stirges and a shallow pool where dozens of eggs lay in wait to hatch. After dispatching the stirges, they explore the cavern to find it served as a den for smugglers, who’s remains are also discovered. Victims of the stirges.

They return to Lyrus following another few days of peaceful and uneventful travel to report back to Captain Feril.



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