Legacy of Battle

Adventure 5: The Ambrose Equation

The day after finding Spider’s body in his apartment, Captain Feril summons the party to the Hall of Justice to aid him in his interrogation of Davren Ambrose. Throughout, Davren is forthcoming and admits his involvement in the events of the last couple weeks, and seemingly, without remorse. He is placed under arrest and word is sent to the Hall of Courts in Soren for instructions on how to proceed. Lithia Ambrose, his wife, comes to the Hall of Justice to confront Captain Feril and to see her husband.

Over the next week while word travels to and back from Soren, Lyrus is swept up in a storm of rumors and accusations, both for and against Davren Ambrose. Captain Feril meets with the adventurers secretly and invites them to aid in a ruse to secret Davren Ambrose to Soren. Captain Feril leads a team with a carriage not holding the prisoner a day ahead of your departure with Davren.

In route, during the middle of the night, they are ambushed by a small group demanding they turn over Davren. When refused, the one making the demand says, “She said you would say that. More for us.” After a close battle, two of the attackers are downed and the third disappears into the night. The rest of the twilight hours are spent on watch by all.

The next day sees them arriving in Soren. Captain Feril meets with them and places Davren in a cell before getting caught up on what obviously befell them. The next day, the King’s Council, renders sentencing on Davren Ambrose of 50 years in the Rock Keep Prison. Captain Feril suggests the group stay in Soren for a little while, until things blow over in Lyrus. He arranged for them to have a few days already paid for at The Goose and Feathers inn and to take in the Festival of Leaves in a few days as well. He also mentions he spoke to a friend of his in the King’s Guard and that they may have work for them while they are in Soren. He and Lieutenant Borlin Trell served at The Wall in their youth for a four months stint.



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