Legacy of Battle

Adventure 7: A Slight Mixup

At the suggestion by yet another gilded script note, the party seeks out Ranthel Boffin at his place of business, the Gilded Sparrow. They discover that Ranthel purchased what he thought were shocker lizard eggs and which turned out to be cockatrice eggs. While transporting them to the Magician’s College Of Lon, his wagon threw a wheel outside Tille and the creatures escaped. He asked the party to recover or kill the beasts as they had been attacking locals within the last couple weeks.

In route to Tille, the party is waylaid by a group of bandits posing as members of the King’s Guard. Once defeated, they locate the bodies of the actual guard in the shrubs nearby. Brought with them to Tille, the King’s Guard currently there take possession of the bodies and gear and thank the party for their aid. As it so happened, the bandits were being sought since their escape the week before. Lady Illewen Darkmoor pays the bounty to the party and provides some details about the recent attacks around Tille.

Heading in the direction the attacks are taking place in, the party happens upon a shepherd being chased by a couple cockatrices. Once dispatched, the boy, Ben, tells the placers about a nearby abandoned farmstead, Itran Fields. Following that lead, the group finds the remaining cockatrices had taken residence in the farmstead ruins. In the cellar, two petrified dwarves were found huddled in the back of the space, victims of the creatures.

Their return to Tille was heralded with a hero’s welcome. Dispatching the bandits menacing their people and ridding the town of the threat to themselves, their children, and their livestock. The return trip to Soren is uneventful and their meeting with Ranthel Boffin sees another job well paid and the acquisition of magicked rings.



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