Legacy of Battle

Adventure 1: Orphans All

Three orphans raised by a loving surrogate mother in the city of Lyrus, have begun down a path of adventure long dreamed about and eagerly sought. They have pursued different vocations but all roads have led them back to this dream. With the orphan brothers side-by-side, their eyes now rest toward horizons far and never seen.

This fall, in the month of Lamashan, brought with it disease which swept the city of Lyrus across all areas of the city and to the door of their own Ms. Fuss. With the help of Father Galdan at the Temple of Ryll and the city guard, it is discovered that the plague has been carried on the backs of an increased rat population. Descending into the winding, overlapping construction of the sewers beneath the city, Kraeg, Sammy, and Tycho join the efforts to cleanse the sewers of this overflow of rats.

As they reach deeper into the city sewers, they found another hand behind the larger population and in turn even larger rats. Whispers from their childhood of the fabled Rat-Man ring in their minds, as they happen upon the lair of a clearly warped and enraged mind. With messages found claiming vengeance upon the city above, they rush back to find the city evening turned out by swarms of rats pouring from shops, sewers, and homes alike, driving people to and from the streets.

After making their way into the heart of the South District, they find the leader of these rats and the inhabitant of the lair below. A horribly deformed man resembling in many ways the rats that follow him is directing the path of havoc through the city. They face him down and though evenly weighted, he is slain and with his death, the hold of the rats in the city is broken and they flee back to now poisoned and broken nests. A weary city guardsman Henricks thanks them for their aid.

After about a week and a half, the city recovers, as does Ms. Fuss. They are called upon by Captain Heen Feril and are thanked for their aid. He even goes so far as to recognize their willingness to help save the city, even if their motivations were personal. It is the result that matters to him. He leaves them with a purse of gold and a dedication to call on them in the future, if the need arises.



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