Aeron Masrin

Scylda Rast's Warden


Aeron is a firm spoken elf, of rather indeterminate age. He has long yellow hair and his skin in certain lights seems to be riddled with delicate and intricate gold inked tattoos. His eyes are a bright and shiny golden color and almost seem to be illuminated. His manner is calm and serious.


Aeron volunteered to keep a vigil on Scylda Rast’s jail for all time. His sacrifices brought him near immortality and he holds a connected power to Scylda’s prison when beheld by him. He stood fast within her imprisonment chamber and after hundreds of years, fell into a kind of hibernation of mind.

When the great earthquake in 3110 shook Ixia and the Southern Kingdoms, it brought ruin to the old capital of Venorium and the imprisonment chamber for Scylda was split and caved in. Aeron was separated from his ward and it was discovered by someone and taken away with them.

Aeron became aware of Scylda’s prison being taken from its chamber and awoke. He has been searching for her since. Only recently has his suspicions been confirmed that Scylda’s prison is with Lithia Ambrose and Scylda seems to have been able to exert some sort of control on those closely in contact with her prison.

Aeron Masrin

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