Davren Ambrose

Previous High Councilor of the Lyrus City Council


Davren is a half-elf man, about 93 years old, with still mostly black short cropped hair and sea colored eyes. He stands about 5’7" in clear and rigidly good posture. He is a disarmingly honest and enchanting man, listening intently when others speak and thoughtfully answering or encouraging further discussion. It is this trait that has made him such a popular and successful councilman. He has served as Head Councilor in Lyrus for over 30 years.


Davren started as a historian and met his wife, Lithia, while studying in Soren, on the histories of the kingdoms and beyond. He became an expert in Ixian culture and history, even embarking on a number of expeditions he backed, a time or two even in the company of his wife, equally taken by the subject and the mystery. They have been married for sixty years.

During Adventure 5: The Ambrose Equation, he is sentenced to 50 years in the Rock Keep Prison in Soren.

Davren Ambrose

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