Father Galdan

High Priest in the Temple of Ryll in Lyrus


Father Gladan is a dwarf heading into his elder years, though in presence and endurance, we strikes everyone as a man barely middle aged. His beard is barely a hand’s length, and still retains most of the solid brown coloring it always has. He has always kept his head cleanly shaven, a runic tattoo runs along his right scalp and when asked, simply says it is a prayer to his ancestors. A scar runs across his right eye, received while breaking up a brawl in the streets some years past. His sparkling brown eyes hold attention without the feeling of scrutiny or judgement within them.


Father Galdan has managed the temple and a small group of priests and priestesses of Ryll for the last 50 years, since 3160 in the Lyrus Temple of Ryll. He leads most funeral services, holds service regularly for worshipers, and spends a considerable amount of his time caring for the sick and infirm.

Father Galdan

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