Giddy Fuss

Previous Matron to the Lyrus Orphanage


Giddy Fuss, is a 5’5" human woman, 52 years of age, with long dirty blond, just starting to go to gray, hair, always tightly braided up in intricate weaving, often speckled with the odd bloom of a small flower from her garden. She seems to almost permanently wear a warm, welcoming smile which spreads to her light brown eyes. It is infectious, as is her cheery and positive attitude in the face of any difficulties.


Ms. Fuss worked in the Lyrus Orphanage, located in the Western District, from the time she was fourteen, when her parents were killed in a terrible accident in the city. She worked with the then head matron for a few years before taking it over herself, after her mentor passed away from old age. She had been raising a handful of children dropped on her doorstep for any number of reasons, none of which kept her from loving each child as her own.

Within the last two three years, she has been training her replacement, saying that her love has been well sown and while she could continue to rear children until she passed as her predecessor did, she promised her that she would enjoy life outside the orphanage after a time as well. On her 50th birthday, she announced just that.

Ms. Fuss still lives in a residence adjacent to the orphanage and mentors the new matron, but those days are behind her. Many of her previous charges remain in the city, having grown up and moved on with their lives, but she remains in close touch with them, unable to shake her motherly ties to them.

Giddy Fuss

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