Mariun Silett

Aspiring Magician Student


Mariun is a gnome woman, around 20 years of age. She has long wavy brown hair that she usually keeps bound loosely behind her. She has hazel and green eyes and a fair complexion. She is an adventurous and curious soul. Her largest aspiration is to become a wizard, studying under the great minds at the Magician’s College Of Lon. She has worked tirelessly to impress upon her family this desire to follow her dream.


Mariun and her father are originally from the outskirts of Tharro, the capital city. Her father and her moved to Soren after her mother died in an accident when a spooked horse bolted onto the sidewalk and her mother was left in the path of the animal. Her father is a merchant in Soren dealing in spices, so he travels often. Mariun has traveled with him most of her life, as he never wanted to leave her behind. On one journey to Lon when she was much younger, she saw the Magician’s College and fell in love with it. She has picked up any little tricks she can along the way, but her father’s traveling nature keeps her from delving as deeply as she wishes. Only recently has her father agreed to give her the opportunity as they are traveling to Lon as it is.

During Adventure 8 A Rock and A Hard Place, she and Tycho become very close on their shared journey from Soren to Bav. When they parted ways, she left him a small sparrow necklace to remember her by.

Mariun Silett

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