Ranthel Boffin

Proprietor of The Gilded Sparrow


Ranthel is a middle aged halfling man with short yellow hair that bleeds into thick mutton chops on the sides of his face. He carries a little extra around the midsection and dresses well. His manner is that of a shrewd businessman, but it is easy to tell he is sincere and generally mild natured.


Ranthel’s business, the Gilded Sparrow specializes in the acquisition and selling of rare species of animals. Whether for the wealthy as entertainment, the merchants for rare material needs, or even for the Magician’s College in Lon, any reason is reason enough for Ranthel and his business associates to seek out and capture uncommon and exotic creatures. He has been running his business for the better part of 15 years.

Ranthel Boffin

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