Reynold and Essa Dunwiddy

Wealthy Lyrus Merchant Family


Reynold and Essa were a similarly late middle aged halfling couple. He a dark, slicked hair, blue eyed and suave gentleman. She a long, red haired, green eyed, beauty. Intelligent and haughty.


They lived opulently and lavishly in the highest reaches of the East district. They were a formidable force of personality individually and together little stood in their way. They hosted numerous parties for the wealthiest and most influential individuals to attend. They funded many expeditions into the lands of Ixia in search of forgotten relics and they made their fortune dealing in the spoils of these expeditions.

In the fall of 3210, both perished at the hands of a rampant plague arresting the city, spread on the backs of rats.

Reynold and Essa Dunwiddy

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