A Mercenary Active in the Province of Derrivale


Gill Lodman, professional alias Spider, was a slender framed human with shorter dark brown hair and blue eyes.


During [[Adventure 2: Spooky Behavior | Adventure 2: Spooky Behavior]], a missive to Spider was left behind at the Dunwiddy estate after breaking through a window, presumably leaving behind two bodies in the estate vault, though one still breathed. Captain Feril had heard of the criminal but murder would be a new addition to the list of crimes levied against them.

During [[Adventure 4: Spider Webs | Adventure 4: Spider Webs]], Corin Turse divulges that Spider kept a place in the south end of the Market district above a bakery, the Bee’s Bonnett. Upon investigation, they found Spider still rented the place and he was discovered inside, dead, apparently caused by poison. He left a message on a half written note to Father Galdan about a woman named Melody, which was the name ‘Ambrose’ next to a sketch of a runed image.


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