Strell Royal Family

Royal Family of the Kingdom of Strell

  • Lady Estile Restif
    Elf Female, age 260
    Mother to Lord Darren Restif, king past
  • Lord Darren Restif
    Half Elf Male, age 160
    Retired crown to his son Artan
  • King Artan Restif
    Half Elf Male, age 55
  • Queen Selina Restif
    Human Female, age 40
  • Princess Calyrin Restif
    Half Elf Female, age 21
  • Princess Analise Restif
    Half Elf Female, age 18

Lady Estile outlived her human husband and their two older children. Darren is her only living child.

Lord Darren retired his crown to his son in 3205 and attends the Lady Estile while acting as council to his son.

Artan was married previous when he was quite young, but a sickness took her early into their marriage. He remarried and Queen Selina has borne him two beautiful daughters.

There has been talk recently of King Restif discussing a marriage with one of the potential heirs to the Provis crown.

Strell Royal Family

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