Bav is a small village in the northeast of the Province of Farrow. It sprang up originally because of the western rock quarry where a considerable amount of material for the Wall originated and has continued on because of the consistent flow of traffic to and from the southern city of Lon and the capital, Tharro. The quarry is still used, but without the considerable and steady demand it once commanded.

Not many who are born in Bav stay, often latching onto a ride here or there to seek their fate elsewhere in locations more grand. So, the small population of the village typically remains about the same, year-in and year-out. Many pass through Bav on their way to the Magician’s College in Lon, so it is a varied and sometimes strange range of traffic through the village square.

Aside from the livelihood of the passersby, most in the village raise their own crops or live on nearby small farms and sell their excess crops in the small market in the town.

Though without a town guard of any remarking, the King’s Guard is through the village with enough frequency that any wrongdoing is often meted out by the village elders or, for more serious offenses, the responsible parties are held until the next guard post comes through and then are turned over.

The Thirsty Lute is the local inn and alehouse, most often referred to as the Lute. A night can be had here for either 5 silver marks for a decent bed or 4 gold crowns a night for small suite. Average quality meals and ale are offered.


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