Lyrus is the north and eastern most town within the Province of Derrivale of Strell. It is located right upon the shores of The Derre, the great river bordering the kingdom and Ixia.

The town is rather large, with several districts dividing it into five parts.

The Waterfront-this area comprises the wharf, docks, and warehouses of the town an is the northern most district.The main road coming out of the Merchant District turns east and west and divides the Waterfront. The northern and center half of the area is the docks. The southern and center area, divided by the road houses the shipping companies’ business establishments. The eastern and western ends, both north and south of the road, are filled with warehouses for the shipping companies.

The Merchant District-this area is just as it sounds, the hub of the shops and vendors, located in the center of the city, just south of the Waterfront. The most notable place, housing the most expensive shops, is called Trader’s Circle. This is the center of the city and the most coveted few dozen shops in making up this ring, circle a great town square. The square itself has a huge fountain in the center. It is not unusual for some of the push cart vendors to set up shop for the day in the square, but the town guard moves them along pretty regularly. They are permitted to pass through, but not settle.

* Bee’s Bonnett

West District-this area is the more shady part of town. Lyrus is pretty well guarded and supervised. The cheapest inns/taverns and brothel are located here. Any illegal trading and peddling occurs most frequently here.

* The Gray Tankard

South District-the more industrious district in the town. This area houses and caters to travelers, merchants passing through, some city dwelling laborers and the like. The more moderate and clean inns and taverns are located here. The Audience Hall, used for large town meetings, Magisterial addresses, and any other large venue for the people is located here.

* Ale and Port

East District-the more wealthy land managers and merchants live in this district. The higher priced inns and taverns are located here. The guard is heavy here, but more effort is put into patrolling the West District. The Hall of Justice, housing the guard barracks, head quarters and jail is located on the edge of the district between the East and Merchant Districts. The town cemetery is located along the northern most section of the district. Ryll has a temple devoted to her and is just before the cemetery, she is the patron of Lyrus.

* The Silver Chalice

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