The Gods and Goddesses

Astrir-God of Fire
Ryll-Goddess of Water
Burric-God of Earth
Vestyn-Goddess of Air

Pantheon in the World

* There are temples and sects of worship to each particular deity.

* Most people pray to each equally depending on their needs/wants.

* Some cities will even claim one as their patron, erecting statues and such in their honor.

Dying and the Afterlife

When a person dies, it is very common for a priest of Ryll or simply a priest of the gods, to preside over the burial, to bless the individual for their journey and return to the earth and for a peaceful return to the gods. While there is no universally held idea of a place of punishment or reward upon death, it is believed that one must make a journey upon death to their final resting place among the gods. Those who fail or get lost in their journey may wander forever, but those who succeed are given peaceful rest. A blessing of Ryll upon death is said to give sustenance and clarity to the individual on their journey.


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