Races of the Realm

As the world stands now, with the three southern kingdoms, the various races; human, elf, dwarf, halfling, and gnome; live quite cohesively and peacefully. Racial animosity is very uncommon. The only true exception to this is the half-orc. These unfortunate souls are the downcast of much of the southern kingdoms. Due in force by the proximity and constant conflict with the goblinoid inhabitants of The Wildlands. In the northern reaches of the kingdoms, it is very rare to see people of this racial background and those who do live in the north are shunned and oppressed, by and large.

Things were not always so. Histories, mostly oral, describe the relationships between the races and their locales much differently than they exist today.

Centuries ago, though no one knows how many for sure, tales describe the races of man, elf, dwarf, halfling, and gnome as spatially and politically divided. There were great realms of each and for the most part, kept to themselves personally. However, these same tales also tell of constant bickering and feuding between the races. War for lands, views, and all that can be imagined waged between them.

No one can say exactly what caused the change, but something profound must have been the cause. Just look at how they all exist today. No lands are divided racially. Conflict between kingdoms is rare, but it is caused by much more mundane reasons.

It is even believed that the races worshiped much differently than they do today, but many speculate that this divided worship was lost or given up, another cause of the disaster or force that drove the races together.

Races of the Realm

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