Soren is located in the northeastern lands of the Province of Derrivale. It serves as the seat of justice in the kingdom and many of the minor laws are written here and the sentencing of major criminals in the kingdom take place here. The city is located on the banks of The Derre and is a major hub for trade between Lyrus to the west and Doun in the Province of Elden in the east. Much of the trade that occurs here trickles down through the rest of the kingdom over land.

The city is divided, somewhat informally, into different striations of wealth.

* Western District: Middle and upper middle class of citizens reside here. Mostly residential housing, but does have local shops, taverns/inns and stores that cater to the residents nearby, but not highly specialized or high quality goods.

* * The Black Mare Inn

* Merchant District: Consists of the south and southwest portions of the city. The Great Square is located between this district and the City Center and is the focal point for specialty goods and services. The majority of the district is made up of shops, inns and taverns catering to travelers and merchants with coin to spend or goods to vendor.

* * The Goose and Feathers

* * The Lion’s Laughter

* Rats Quarters: The southeast corner of the city, south of Old Town, is little more than slums. The housing it in need of constant repair and is rampant with thievery and shady dealings. The city guards are even reserved on entering the streets unless in a good size force.

* Old Town: Old Town is located between Rats Quarter, the Warehouse District, the City Center and the Docks. The buildings of Old Town are connected via surrounding walks and arching bridges. Canals run between sections of buildings and various ferrying boats navigate the passages with goods or people bypassing the bridges and cluster. The area itself is made up of residences and businesses in the lower to middle class range.

* * The Two Moons

* Warehouse District: Located on the eastern side of the city. Wide canals cut between Old Town and this district. Smaller vessels can bring goods to storage here or similarly brought out to ships in the docks.

* Docks: The docks take up most of the coast on the north side of the city and breaks where the mouth of a smaller river branching from The Derre heads inland through the city.

* City Center: The center of the city is home to the more wealthy citizens, merchants and politicians of Derrivale and some from Elden and the heart of the kingdom. As a major trade route, Soren is a point of considerable weight in the movement of goods. The Hall of Courts is situated at the center of the city and serves much the same function as the name implies.

* * The Scarlet Queen

* Rock Keep: Soren serves as a prime lawful example to the rest of the kingdom. In the northeastern section of the city, separated by the branching of The Derre inland, is Rock Keep, a prison used for those not best fit for the Wardens or quickly remedied by fining or capital punishment. The keep is a very old structure from the days of the Varisian War. It was converted to a prison many years later and has been maintained by the city as such, since.

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