The Wall

The Wall was commissioned by the king of Strell in 3014. The great fortification starts from the southwestern edge of the Province of Farrow border with The Wildlands and runs the length of the border and joins with the Western Lighthouse.

The structure is massive, rising over 25’ into the air and standing between 20-25’ thick. The Wall was originally commissioned to seal off the goblin hordes of The Wildlands. The structure was completed in 3204. It runs nearly 360 miles.

There are a few points along the Wall where passage is possible on horse. These are usually gated and heavily guarded. Travel into the Wildlands is rare, but there are pilgrims seeking the spread of the word of the gods and the rare traveler who seeks passage to the other side. Return trips are even rarer.

The Wardens patrol the border between the Western Lighthouse and the southern end of the Wall.

The Wall

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