The Wildlands

Vast plains currently unruled, primarily due to the goblinoid habitation.

The Wildlands have been the site of a number of smaller conflicts against bordering lands such as Strell and Thoen. Three major wars have been waged due to considerable organization and population of the goblins pushing beyond the borders of The Wildlands.

The last major conflict was the 3rd Goblin War, that ended in 3070. The war was one of the more prolonged of the three and lasted ten years. The war was primarily focused in the Province of Derrivale in northern Strell. King Leon Restiff II decided to leave the lands nearby to The Wildlands, as they were previous to the war, in an attempt to keep goblin efforts of expansion at a minimum.

The border of the Wildlands is patrolled by a group known as the Wardens. They are loyal to the crown of Strell and guard against the small bands of goblinoids skirmishing into the kingdom. They spend most of their time ranging back and forth along the Wall. The Wall is the defensive line protecting the western border of the Kingdom of Strell.

Religious pilgrims and the rare traveler will pass through The Wall into the Wildlands but those returning from such trips are even more rare.

The Wildlands

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