Thoen Royal Family

Colors: Red and white.

Crest: Bear’s head.

Thoen is bounded to the north and east by the kingdom of Strell and also shares some of its northern boundary with The Wildlands, and this has been a source of small goblinoid skirmishes for many years, but not to the degree Strell has.

Thoen and Strell have a shared history of being at odds with one another. While the Ally Accords have kept their peace since 3080, there is still a deep seeded animosity between the two nations, held strongest by those along the boarders.

A common practice in Thoen of repaying debt is to enter into servitude. Slavery is very common throughout the realm and for the most part they function as indentured servants. While this may be so, it is not unheard of for slaves to flee Thoen to go north into Strell, seeking a fresh start or better opportunity. Authorities in Strell do not seek out such individuals to return them to Thoen, but there are individuals who make their livelihood by tracking fleeing slaves and returning them to their masters.


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