Tille is located in the Province of Derrivale to the south and east of Lyrus. It is a fair sized town with ample farm lands surrounding it.

Tille is home to the two largest land owners of the southern lands of the province. The Kreed Family and the Darkmoor Family. The Kreed Family’s largest product is corn and the Darkmoor Family holds heaviest sway on wheat.

The town is divided in two by geography, a hill rise above the town, upon which rests the wealthier patrons and stores in the High Market, and the town proper itself, which houses the majority of residents of the town, the mill and warehouses for harvested grain and corn, the Lower Market, and accommodations for the typical traveler and resident. The Bent Copper Inn and the Sitting Duck Tavern cater to both wealthy and common travelers alike and are owned and operated by Dalton Lareth and his son Olo.

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