Corin Turse

Owner of Turse Shipping House in Lyrus


Corin is a dwarven man, 67 years old, 4’2”, heavy set about 210#, with thin brown hair, usually slicked back, brown eyes, and a short beard and mustache.


Corin is the nephew of one of the Councilors in Lyrus, which serves him well in keeping him out of trouble. He is a bully and with the help of hired muscle and his right hand, Briggs, he squeezes business in the lower docks for protection money and is a ruthless load shark.

During Adventure 4: Spider Webs, Corin is kidnapped by Sammy after Tycho and Kraeg are captured infiltrating his business. His ring finger is removed and sent to his second in command, Briggs with an exchange offer, which he takes.

Corin Turse

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