Lithia Ambrose

Wife to High Councilor Davren Ambrose in Lyrus


Lithia is a half elf woman, easily in her late 70s or early 80s, though she could readily pass for her early 30s, likely the grace of her elven heritage. With long brown hair and hazel colored eyes that highlight her lithe, elegant features and figure. Her manner is generous and engaging, a suiting mirror of her husband.


Lithia met her husband, Davren, while she was living in Soren, studying history. They drew together over this common interest and have rarely been apart since. When his interests became more focused in Ixian lore and culture, she drifted with him, becoming equally interested, even accompanying him on a couple of his backed expeditions there.

On their last expedition, she was separated from the group and found herself in a half collapsed chamber housing only a strange relic. She took it with her and became enslaved over time by the relic’s inhabitant, Scylda Rast.

Lithia Ambrose

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