Ardeth's Journal Adv 3 1

We are holed up in a house with a kid that we found in a secret passage area. We are in Tille.

Fuck. Darkmore household is the house we are in to be a bit more specific. The kid is a female elf.

There is more drama involved with this family than just this situation. Perfect. Kids name is Illowen. Had a brother Alex, she knows he has turned and her mom and dad are gone.

* Four live here, son, daughter, husband, and wife.

* Some people are exiled form their house, the Darkmoor house.

Family issues, someone leaving the family or bad blood???

We are headed to Vades’ tower, basically some dude that is an astronomer. He took or is taking residence there in the tower.

The tower of Vade seems only accessible by destroying the door. My god, do you people ever knock?!

Greyfox rocked that fucking doors socks off. *brofist for the Knock spell because there are other ways to open a door rather than with force. >.> Nate… FUCKING BALSA WOOD!

We get in the tower. First floor, research, empty, books, star charts, desks.
Second floor, windows along the walls. Greyish light is coming through the windows. Huge workplace full of charts.

Third floor, see a very large telescope set up in the middle of the room. The dome is transparent from the inside to the outside basically one way mirror, but looks like stone on the outside. Lol bastard is tricky rich. We take a gander around the town and think the graveyard is the best bet for where we need to go.

We make it to the town square. We recognize a Gnome’s (Tintop’s) cart. Tintop’s Tinkstures is on the side in blue. We open it or attempt to… ?.? … We find some curative, both mundane and magical supplies. “Pills here!”

Trails lead to around to the back of the shed. Mound behind the shed. Caved in near the middle. Dirt in uneven mounds around that spot.

We go to the shed. Some of the tools are missing, shovels and picks maybe? About six are missing.

We go to the graveyard. Seven zombies and three skeletons attack us. One of the mausoleum (sp?) had a hole in the floor so that we end up in some underground dungeon. BUH BUH BUHHHHHHHHHH!

Our journey through the mausoleum brings us to a room with ten coffins in it. A four foot tall piller with a black cube on the top of it. Greyfox saw this cube last when just before he lost his father to the “storm”. Every side has etched symbols and looks Masterwork Quality while being very banged up.

Huh… fucking creepy music start here. One of the bodies on the floor starts moving and moaning. The scarred man is the body that is mumbling and moaning. He mentions Wace, a guy he knows or the cube knows. Wace is the scholar. We take the scarred man hostage, interrogation ensues. He said that he and Wace were no longer doing business and spills his guts figuratively.

They meet three muscle men in Soren. They left because we were right on their butts. They met a man the Scarred man didn’t know. They were brought here so that they could dig out the crypt we just went through. Fun times. Wace has a wrapped box, hands it to the Scarred man. This item is meant to “disrupt” the kingdom. The Content Not Found: 116518 recites the magical words, and the three muscle men die-ish. Wace turns and leaves. Magical boon from the artifact??? He had been with Wace for a few years. Black Council is mentioned, the Wace might be a part of this organization. There was a defected man in the Light House as to why it got overrun in the first place. Wace left the traitor to die. Goblins go with bad guy group to Lyrus, they were looking for orbs. Kutar was dealing with them for those orbs. This is where Kutar’s team ends up dead and the a merchant’s death due to certain dishonesty and whatnot. Orbs go to Soren. Where Wace met his contact. Wace is never alone for his protection. Always goes to the Two Moons Tavern to meet his contact, in Soren in Old Town. From there they went to Tille. Wace left the Black Hat Pin at the Light House for us. It notes the Black Council.

Ardeth's Journal Adv 3 1

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