Ardeth's Journal Adv 4

Kildor is dead. He is never coming back. There is no changing this. Much like anything in life certain things must just be accepted as truth. I was an alias to his death. I was the weight that kept him down in his final moments. We were both champions for good but somehow the lesser came out ahead. Where is the justice in that? Nowhere.

I fully understand that my fellows understand the loss we have incurred. How can I continue when the person who tried to forcibly pry my eyes open to the world is dead? How can I agree to this course of action once the person who gave me so much insight is now not here? I am journeying back to Soren to discover these answers. I feel that this is the end of the road for my gallivanting adventuring days.

Kildor’s funeral is somber and silent. I say nothing, I leave the artifacts that I have gathered amongst our journeys in his grave and leave quickly. Honestly I feel that I cannot face these chaotic injustices that life bestows upon the innocent. Kildor was more than an angry, confusing, and cryptic dwarf. He was the model for the life I was currently living, seeking justice and accepting the threat that the unjust would throw against us all.

My conversation with Captain Shamara was short and to the point. I am highly considering taking a position in the town guard even though she sees that as a waste of my true potential. I turn and leave with a cold shoulder.

I visit my father in the longest time that I care to mention because of these current events I have been neglecting my relationship with him. I tell the stories of what I have been doing with much embellishment. To my surprise my father sees through my general levity and ties in all of the fears and doubts I have had about him. My father was duped into being an agent for Wace. I don’t want to believe it but I know that at this point in time my father is not embellishing the truth. It is one of the few honest conversations I have had with my father. It is also the hardest to hear. Our family is responsible for the death of the Thoril family. Is it our true destiny to be the harbingers of their doom? I think not. After a long and revealing conversation with my father I leave and tell him that I respect and love him.

Shortly thereafter I return with Captain Shamara and a contingent of the town guard to place my father under arrest for his treason against Kildor’s family. I am the one to issue the decree of his arrest and I place the manacles on his enfeebled wrists. I state that if this is where I am supposed to be the man he has hoped for me to be then so be it. This is the turning point for my future. I willingly imprison my own father and feel no remorse for it. Justice must be placed in my hands for the safety of our city, and possibly the world.

I notify Kellin and Greyfox to stay in town for the next week at which I will meet with them and inform them of the recent information I have been so graced with. This world is uncaring and unjust, I am seeking to be an archon for this realm. It will be me that will breathe my dieing breath once I feel this world is saved. Until then I am just the flame of justice. I cannot be over fueled because I lose sight of what is important to the task at hand. I cannot be underwhelmed because I will die out. I am seeking a balance to sustain my life and my crusade. I am a knight of the silver flame, here to purge all of the evil from this world that my fiery justice can. I am not done with this and now more than ever I will continue on from the embers of this disaster.

Ardeth's Journal Adv 4

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