Legacy of Battle 3110

The Story So Far…

You are a citizen of the Kingdom of Strell. Within this year, 3110, the kingdom has been plagued by upset and unrest. Murders and robberies rampant through the town of Lyrus in the Province of Derrivale, unlikely goblinoids from The Wildlands overtaking the Western Lighthouse and the very dead rising and spreading from the small farming town Tille, also in the Province of Derrivale. The evidence points toward this as being the work of Wace Bacus, a historian and mage hailing from the Province of Elden and working under the direction of the Black Council. Wace dropped from the scene for a couple months, but was recently seen boarding a ship and sailing north and west toward Ixia. Following as quickly as possible on his footsteps, you and your companions departed for the wastes in an attempt to track Wace down and bring him to justice. After over a week of pursuit, you reach the lost capital city of Venorium. You pass through the empty streets and into the Keep at its heart. Beneath the foundation and past the vaults, you come face-to-face with the subject of your search. After working strange magics, he steps into the past, only to return a moment later with the Sourcestone in hand. You battle desperately against Wace and emerge victorious. Kellin, using the power of Wace’s magic and the connection of Mal’Drorian, returns the Sourcestone to the past, just as its power is breaking loose. Ardeth executes Wace for his crimes as they are warned of the danger to them from the Black Council. You rush from the suddenly collapsing Keep, through the tumbling structures of Venorium. The return trip to The Derre is eerily quiet. Once back in Lyrus you are heralded as heroes and given special honor by the Magistrate Orden Yuth in Soren.

Campaign Adventures

Adventure 1 – Collecting What is Due

Adventure 2 – A Lighthouse Darkened

Adventure 3 – Restless Slumber

Adventure 4 – A Favorable Exchange

Adventure 5 – In Hot Pursuit

Legacy of Battle 3110

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