Local Fame

Reputation represents how the general public perceives you, whether positively or negatively. This perception precedes you, speaking on your behalf when you are absent and determining how you can expect to be treated by those who have heard of you. Reputation means different things to different types of characters, reflected in the social and cultural values of different regions. a character who embodies the qualities of a hero in one region may be perceived as villainous or disreputable in another. An icon widely revered and respected in her homeland may slip from fame into obscurity upon traveling to a neighboring kingdom.

You gain reputation when word of your deeds spreads. The more fantastic or socially significant your deeds, the better tales they make. If you are able to establish a strong or noteworthy reputation, you may be extolled for your actions and afforded resources beyond those obtainable by lesser-known individuals. Similarly, you can use your reputation to influence people socially, politically, and financially.

Additionally, you can spread word of your deeds through the use of hired bards and such that travel. Especially helpful if you are planning to travel somewhere you may either not be known or wish to be know by the time you arrive.

For more details about reputation and spending Prestige Points, check here.

Player Fame Sphere of Influence Prestige Points
Player 25 200 miles within the Kingdom of Strell 10
Player 23 200 miles within the Kingdom of Strell 10
Player 20 200 miles within the Kingdom of Strell 10
Player 27 200 miles within the Kingdom of Strell 10

Local Fame

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