Redovan's Tree House

Jerith Redovan kept a wonderous and quiet home deep in the Elden Forest. After his death, many people have tried to locate it, since it was his home most of his time, when not training apprentices in Soren.

The location itself is built into the trunk of one of the towering trees of the forest. 40’ thick, a few hundred feet tall. The first level of the structure is near 150’ from the forest floor. At the base of the tree on one side, is the appearance of a door etched right out of the bark. Above it in a scrawled Common etching is a message which reads, “House Redovan.” A knocker in the middle of the door is carved from the same wood in the shape of a satyr’s head. Since his death in 3105, the knocker repeats a message when struck that Redovan is out and that the inquiring persons should return at a later date.

Campaigns Past

During LOB 3110 Adventure 4 – A Favorable Exchange, the party opened the door through Greyfox’s magic. Inside, a hollow cylinder space runs from the forest floor up the trunk of the tree. A couple of the party members fell victim to a trapped floor and nasty surprise below.

Redovan's Tree House

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