Once known as the Kingdom of Imeryd, it was a prosperous and fertile land, home to many people and incredible wealth.

Long ago, during the Varisian War, the conflict was ended using great magic which laid waste to the enemy and the people of the realm both. The lands were renamed Ixia which is the Varisian word for battlefield. Great storms fueled by residual magic blasted up and to the border of the wasteland and was an end to any venturing within.

It was 400 years before the storms at the borders abated and waned toward the inland of the wastes. Expeditions were sent into the lands to investigate the condition and only few of the expeditions returned, with tales of horrible creatures and storms so sudden and savage that they could pick a man off the earth before you could blink.

As time passed, people dared more and more to venture into the wasted lands in search of artifacts and relics from the war and things touched by the magic still hanging over the lands, but the journeys were most perilous. Prolonged stay was impossible. Those who traveled the wastes with some frequency often carried away a common side effect of the exposure to the lands. Their eyes would take a permanent green coloring to their pupils, almost illuminating in their coloring. Those exposed to the storms were twisted horribly and often lived only shortly thereafter.

The shore of Ixia on the Derre is sheer rock face, butting up against the water. There are a few beach inlets along the northern side of the Derre. Ships from Lyrus and Soren have a few which make the voyage and drop off expedition parties. The parties landing there then must make their way up the sheer rock before approaching the Ixian wastes.

On the anniversary of the expended magic which ended the conflict, a northern light effect would occur at the edges of the wastes which the northern towns called the Pyre, during the winter months.

In 3110, for reasons, few know, though many speculate, a great quake shook most of the north of the Kingdom of Strell. It was not until months later that brave souls venturing to Ixia, found that the storms had suddenly abated and the lands were lush in their growth, though still distinctly touched by their exposure to such strong magic. An influx of adventuring expeditions caught that next year and those people soon discovered that the storms passing were not an end to the danger in the lands. Strange creatures roam the plains and hills of the red grassed lands and prey upon the unwary. Trade in Ixian Relics has been on the rise, though despite the lingering danger of the lands.

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