Strell Royal Family

Colors: Blue and silver

Crest: Ram’s head

The last major conflict was focused in the Province of Derrivale against the goblin horde (3rd Goblin War) of the Wildlands.

* The conflict lasted 10 years and ended with Strell repelling the horde far back into the Wildlands, though King Leon Restif of 3080 chose not to incorporate those cleared lands into Strell, which may have caused another and frequent conflicts with the goblins this proved a wise decision.

Strell is bounded to the east and south by the Kingdom of Provis and of whom Strell is an ally.

* This was assured by marriage in 3090.

Strell is bordered to the south and west by the Kingdom of Thoen.

* For generations before 3080, Thoen and Strell were bitter rivals, King Uline Buhrl I of Thoen and King Leon Restif agreed to put the past behind them with the signing of the Ally Accords in 3080.

* Some Thoenians and Strellians have a much deeper feeling of distrust for the other, typically more so along the border, who suffered the deepest impact of past conflicts.

* It is not uncommon for Thoen to be slandered by a Strellian as an insult to another.

The northern part of Strell is bounded by Ixia and the west and northern lands butt up against The Wildlands.

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